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Last updated: Thursday 07/02/15 @ 9:20am

All fields are OPEN!

We are quickly running out of open field space, but we will reschedule as many games as possible. Please review schedules closely as some teams may be assigned to play on odd nights and/or field locations. We will do our best to makeup as many games as the weather and field schedule will allow.

Municipal field status may be verified by calling 614-470-5413
*This hotline is only for municipal fields and Hilliard RPD determines field status

Important Information - PLEASE READ

  • hGsa does not offer a fall league.  hGsa offers a summer rec program. 
  • Registration for the 2015 has completed. Sign ups are closed and there are no spots available to add players.
  • hGsa no longer offers a travel program.
  • If you would like to receive notification of important hGsa events, including signup dates, please sign up for the 'hGsa Email List' on the left-hand side. All important hGsa news goes out over our mailing list.

Makeups for 6/25, 6/26, and 6/27

Games rained out 6/25-6/27 will be played as follows:

Home Away Location Date
Majors #5 Majors #1 Municipal #5 6/29/15 8:30 pm
Majors #3 Majors #2 Municipal #6 6/29/15 8:30 pm
Majors #1 Majors #4 Municipal #6 7/06/15 8:30 pm
U-10 #3 U-10 #7 Municipal #5 7/08/15 8:30 pm
Majors #4 Majors #2 Municipal #5 7/09/15 8:30 pm
Majors #3 Majors #1 Municipal #6 7/09/15 8:30 pm
U-10 #6 U-10 #1 Beacon #1 7/10/15 6:15 pm
U-10 #4 U-10 #7 Britton 7/10/15 6:15 pm
U-10 #9 U-10 #5 Heritage Middle School 7/10/15 6:15 pm
U-10 #3 U-10 #8 Scioto-Darby South 7/10/15 6:15 pm
Home Away Location Date
U-12 #5 U-12 #7 Beacon #1 7/11/15 8:30 am
U-12 #4 U-12 #8 Beacon #2 7/11/15 8:30 am
Majors #4 Majors #1 Beacon #3 7/11/15 8:30 am
Minors #2 Minors #5 Beacon #4 7/11/15 8:30 am
U-8 #8 U-8 #2 Britton 7/11/15 8:30 am
U-8 #7 U-8 #3 Scioto-Darby South 7/11/15 8:30 am
Minors #3 Minors #4 Beacon #4 7/11/15 10:15 am
U-12 #3 U-12 #2 Beacon #1 7/11/15 10:45 am
Majors #2 Majors #1 Beacon #2 7/11/15 10:45 am
Majors #4 Majors #5 Beacon #3 7/11/15 10:45 am
U-8 #9 U-8 #10 Britton 7/11/15 10:45 am
U-8 #6 U-8 #4 Scioto-Darby South 7/11/15 10:45 am
Minors #6 Minors #1 Beacon #4 7/11/15 12:00 pm
U-12 #1 U-12 #6 Beacon #1 7/11/15 1:00 pm
Majors #2 Majors #3 Beacon #3 7/11/15 1:00 pm
U-8 #5 U-8 #1 Scioto-Darby South 7/11/15 1:00 pm

Please note: to accommodate the schedule as best as possible, the game between Majors 2 & Majors 1 scheduled on 7/6 at 8:30pm was moved to 7/11 at 10:45am. Majors 1 & Majors 4 will play at 8:30pm on 7/6 instead.

2015 HGSA Pool Party

Join us Saturday 7/18 @ 9pm for the annual HGSA pool party

The Hilliard Family Aquatic Center is reserved for HGSA friends and family from 9pm-11pm. Please note the following:

- current players and coaches will be admitted FREE if they are wearing their 2015 jersey
- friends and family are welcome to attend for just $1 each
- even if you are not planning to swim, you will be asked for a $1 donation at the door (this is a fundraising event)
- this is a special engagement so pool passes are NOT honored
- those already at the pool will be asked to leave at closing and reenter with other HGSA guests

There will be a DJ and prizes too!

2015 Rules - Modified Hit by Pitch


Based on majority vote, this rule will remain as written. If outside the strike zone, the ball will be deemed "dead" and a "ball" in regards to the pitch count, runners are not permitted to advance on the pitch, the batter will remain at bat if able. In the event the pitch becomes ball 4 of the count, the batter will be awarded 1st base as a "walk".

Thank you to those who took the time to respond to our survey. We appreciate your comments. A summary of results and additional comments received is available in the attachment below.


Parents, Players, Coaches, and, Umpires,

In response to the feedback (both positive & negative) HGSA has received regarding our ASA modified "hit-by-a-pitch" rule, we offer the following explanation:

First and foremost, in lieu of a highly competitive environment such as travel softball, HGSA is a recreational league that promotes girls youth sports at an instructional and participatory level. Throughout the various age groups, minors to majors, HGSA deviates from ASA rules (e.g., coach pitch, infield fly rule, dropped 3rd strike, sliding, stealing, no walks, etc...) and yes, hit-by-a-pitch.

In addition to playing a great team sport, the goal of our league is to teach/coach good sound softball fundaments such as hitting, throwing, and catching the ball. As player skills and athleticism develop the closer we come to pure ASA rules.

Unfortunately, during the course of a game, players may be hit by a batted, thrown, or pitched ball. No ASA, OHSAA, or HGSA rule will prevent this from occurring. Rule deviations such as no walks and hit-by-a-pitch are meant to encourage swinging the bat, putting the ball into play. This maximizes the opportunity for fielding the ball, throwing the ball, developing pitchers, and building player confidence. Please be assured, these deviations were put in to place after careful consideration of the various skills of all 400 plus HGSA participants with an emphasis on player safety being paramount.

HGSA hopes that you understand and support the use of certain non-standard ASA rules in an instructional league such as ours. HGSA strives to reach beyond the playing field building the character and confidence of our players as they become the future of our community. As always, we encourage and welcome any and all feedback that will help HGSA grow as a league and to best support the young ladies of the Hilliard community.

We invite you to voice your opinion regarding the modified hit-by-pitch rule. Please use the link below to submit your comments. The survey will remain open until midnight Sunday 06/21/15.

The HGSA Board

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the 'Player Guide & Frequent Questions' link at the left for more regarding our league. We have included many of the common questions we receive along with their answers. This is to help provide information as quickly as possible. If you have an idea for a question/answer that we should include on the list, please send it to the 'Contact the Webmaster' link.

hGsa Needs You!

HGSA wants your input and participation!

More than 500 girls played in the league last year and we simply need more help to organize, execute, and improve the program. The current board is comprised of only four active members. It might surprise you to know that not a single board member has a daughter playing for HGSA - some are now too old for the league, others have moved on to explore other sports, and one of us does not even have children?! We need you!

Join us and become a voting board member. You have the ability to help shape the future of HGSA. With your ideas and a little bit of your time we could make our program the best around. The board meets twice a month in the off-season, but there are also committees to join if your time is more limited. We aspire to do more, but we require additional help and welcome your involvement. Help a little or help a lot. This is your opportunity to make a difference. Step up to the plate!

Join us at our next meeting!

Check out the "HGSA Board News" page

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